Carbon offset certification

The Gold Standardor Gold Standard for the Global Goalsis a standard and logo certification mark program for non-governmental emission reductions projects in the Clean Development Mechanism CDMthe Voluntary Carbon Market and other climate and development interventions. It is published and administered by the Gold Standard Foundation, a non-profit foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It was designed with an intent to ensure that carbon credits are real and verifiable and that projects make measurable contributions to sustainable development.

Its objective is to add branding, with a quality label, to Carbon Credits generated by projects which can then be bought and traded by countries that have a binding legal commitment according to the Kyoto Protocolbusinesses or other organizations for carbon offsetting purposes.

The programs were created following a month consultation period that included workshops and web-based consultation conducted by an independent Standards Advisory Board composed of NGOsscientists, project developers and government representatives. The Gold Standard certification program is open to any non-government, community-based organization, especially those with an interest in the promotion of sustainable development or a focus on climate and energy issues. As of Octobermore than 80 non-profit organizations internationally had officially endorsed the Gold Standard program.

The program is administered by the Gold Standard Foundation, a non-profit foundation under Swiss law that is headquartered in GenevaSwitzerland. In July the Gold Standard Version 2. This relegated the previously applicable manuals to Version 1. The Version 2. The Gold Standard is recognized by carbon market and climate change politics scholars as a prime instance of the group of voluntary standards.

Status of projects that apply for Gold Standard can be tracked on its registry.

How Carbon Offsets Work

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Artist Alfio Bonanno and architect Christophe Cornubert created a demonstration of the volume of a metric tonne of CO2 1.

It was made up of a giant four-sided video projector and was floating on the lake in front of Copenhagen's Tycho Brahe Planetarium during the Convention on Climate Change.

Unfortunately the aviation industry is excluded from the Paris Climate Agreement. Currently aviation account for two percent of the global CO2 emissions. The amount of air travel passengers is expected to double in the next twenty year.

Air travel technologies aren't keeping up with that growth. Therefore, it's expected that emissions in aviation will increase.

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Also your flight contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. But there's a way to compensate for these emissions, namely by carbon offsetting. While we also hope that electric planes and biofuel technologies will develop soon, it's expected that this will take a few years to decades. To reach climate goals, we should act now.

And you can act now by reducing your emissions and offsetting the rest via FlyGRN! Carbon offsetting works Guardian with a certain carbon offset scheme that allows individuals and companies to invest in environmental projects around the world in order to balance out their own carbon footprints. To making sure that the carbon is really offset, several certification standards were developed to ensure that carbon is really offset correctly.

Thanks to Treehugger. More thanSudanese have fled in recent years as a result of the war in Darfur to neighboring Chad, one of the poorest countries in the world. Through this project, tens of thousands of refugees get the chance to improve their lives enormously with the help of solar cookers.

Since the start of the program in50, families in refugee camps and surrounding villages have been equipped with solar cookers made of cardboard and aluminum foil that can be used to heat water and to cook. The solar cooker can be used days a year, eliminating the need for firewood almost completely.

What are Carbon Offsets? Explained.

The solar cookers are an effective alternative to the use of firewood for cooking, and uses solar energy that is available in abundance in Chad.

This project not only eliminates the danger to which women and children expose themselves by looking for firewood outside the camp, but also improves the state of health, because cooking is smokeless. In addition, the project strengthens the position of women by giving them an executable role in the project, and without the need to collect firewood, women have more time to do other work and children have time to go to school.

The project activity involves the installation of two solar power plants in the states of Tamil Nadu and Telangana in India. The total installed capacity of the project is The electricity generated is fed directly to the regional grid system, displacing energy that would have been generated by fossil fuel based power plants.

This project provides employment opportunities during the construction and operation phases as well as demonstrates the technology in the region. The project activity generates electricity using solar energy. The generated electricity is exported to the regional grid system which is under the purview of the Indian electricity grid of India. The proposed project activity will support development of renewable energy generation plants based on Solar PV technology in India and delivering electricity to the grid.

The total installed capacity of the current project activity is Know the amount of tonnes you'd like to offset? Offset your flight, train journey, car trip, etc. Calculate the estimated emissions of your car ride or train journey. Receive news about the project per mail max. By ordering you'll agree our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Toggle navigation The flight search engine that offsets your flight's CO2 emissions for free. One way Return Multi city. One way Return.

Add flight. Frequently Asked Questions about Carbon Offsetting.Jump to navigation. Start by reducing your emissions. Some airline websites, for example, offer the option to buy them from third-party sellers to counterbalance the considerable carbon pollution associated with flying. Should you buy them?

Yes, but selectively. Low-quality carbon offsets were once common, so you first have to do some legwork to ensure authenticity.

Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR)

To illustrate the difference between a quality carbon offset and a scam, consider a hypothetical example: The offset seller will give your money to a landowner in the Amazon who promises to leave his trees standing to maximize carbon sequestration. The offset seller should make several guarantees in this transaction. If the guy who gets your money can burn his trees to the ground six months later, your money will have been wasted.

This is the trickiest issue with carbon offsets. What if the Amazonian landowner never had any intention of clear-cutting his land in the first place?

Then your purchase would be a gift rather than an offset. The landowner would be taking advantage of the offset system to collect a windfall for doing exactly what he would have done anyway. Your transaction would have no effect on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Your offset dollars shifted deforestation rather than preventing it.

Carbon Offsets & Renewable Energy Certificates: Know the Difference

Both individuals and corporations buy carbon offsets. Big companies have the resources to research the legitimacy of an offset themselves. Fortunately, a quality assurance system has developed to verify the quality of your offsets. The best carbon offset programs are transparent. Many will allow you to direct your money to specific projects or away from others. You may, for example, prefer not to invest in a factory farm, even if the money is earmarked for methane capture.

Or you may wish to look for programs that offer benefits beyond carbon reduction, such as employment in low-income areas or improvements in public health. In addition to these practical issues, you should be aware of a larger philosophical argument about carbon offsets.

While proponents view high-quality offsets as a way to support carbon-fighting projects, critics say they are merely a license to pollute. But before you resign yourself to moving to a cave, know that high-quality carbon offsets are available to eliminate the last traces of your carbon footprint. Though some online retailers are taking steps to maximize fuel efficiency in their delivery fleets, consumers need to do their part, too.

The latest executive order takes aim at iconic public places that store carbon, protect ecosystems, and keep fossil fuels in the ground. New forestry techniques that create the look of old-growth habitats can boost biodiversity—with extra carbon storage as a bonus.

Gun-control activists want to use financial levers to curtail firearm sales. Can we do the same for carbon emissions? We will keep you informed with the latest alerts and progress reports.With leading corporations, NativeEnergy is pioneering regenerative agriculture — community-scale projects that strengthen ranching communities, reduce scope 3 emissions, preserve biodiversity, and improve beef and leather supply chains.

Carbon offsets from NativeEnergy enable Aveda to balance the climate impact of its aerosol hairsprays and other business activities. Clif Bar is advancing its sustainability priorities and reducing carbon emissions by improving the wellbeing of the small holder farmers that grow key ingredients.

Clif Bar also achieves its goals by supporting the development of new renewable energy. Your smallholder suppliers are critical to your business.

Achieve your renewable energy objectives quickly and efficiently, drive new clean power in specific locations, and address your Scope 2 impacts.

Create offsets that go beyond carbon. Clif Bar is reducing carbon emissions in ways that generate social as well as environmental benefits close to our supply chain.

Clif Bar also supports the development of new sources of renewable energy in communities near their baking facilities. Working with them, it is possible for us to make a genuine difference. For 22 years, Stonyfield has offset the carbon impact of our energy use by investing in projects that capture or prevent the release of emissions that contribute to climate change.

We are grateful to SPLT and NativeEnergy for preserving this important grassland ecosystem that will keep the carbon stored in the soil for generations to come. Let us build it. What We Do.

Bring New Renewables Online. See Our Approach. Elysa Hammond Ecologist Clif Bar.

carbon offset certification

Corporate Partners.Carbon Footprint offers a broad range of offsetting products which fall into two categories; Certified Carbon Credits and Voluntary Carbon Credits.

They are fully traceable, and will have been verified by the United Nations UN. Certified carbon credits can be purchased within our CER offering.

Clean Development Mechanism. This standard produces emission reductions in developing countries, generating CER Certified Emission Reduction credits. They can be used to meet part of the emission reduction targets set for industrialised countries under the Kyoto Protocol. CDM requires strict additionality for certification of carbon offset projects and has been operational since Joint Implementation.

This standard produces emission reductions in other developed countries also with legally binding targets under the Kyoto Protocol. Offsetting in this way reduces the amount of carbon dioxide allowance, available for the largest polluting companies to buy.

The EUAs would otherwise be traded on to companies to help them to meet their emissions targets. By buying these types of offsets you are encouraging organisations to continue to make savings of CO 2and pushing the market to make it increasingly expensive for polluting companies to buy more credits. The following is a list of the most commonly used international standards, used in the Voluntary Offset Market:. Verified Carbon Standard. It provides real, quantifiable, additional and permanent projects based emission reductions.

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Only available for projects in developing countries. They are focused on renewable energy and energy efficient projects with strong sustainable development benefits. Voluntary Offset Standard. Launched on the 28th June it is the latest voluntary standard to be released. It brings the voluntary market up to the level of the regulated and standardized procedures of the Kyoto compliance market.

VOS endorses the existing gold standard methodology.

carbon offset certification

Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards. This standard has been developed by the Climate Community and Biodiversity Alliance.

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It is for land based projects that can simultaneously deliver compelling climate biodiversity and community benefits. See an example of a CCB accredited project here. This is to ensure that the carbon offsetting we provide is of the highest quality in the offsetting industry and that carbon credit retirement is completed in an open and timely manner. Toggle navigation. Carbon Offset Standards.With carbon offset certificates, you can neutralize out your remaining emissions in a way that helps you achieve your targets, while supporting valuable projects around the world.

There is a vast range of inspiring carbon offset projects happening right now, especially in developing countries. They include initiatives such as afforestation and the advancement of renewable energies. Once such a project has attained third-party approval, through schemes such as the Gold Standard, then its carbon savings can be precisely monitored, and sold in the form of carbon offset certificates that will in turn help fund these specific projects.

There are two markets for carbon offset certificates: compliance and voluntary. The voluntary market allows businesses, NGOs and even individuals to offset their emissions.

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ACT will make sure you invest in certificates that fit perfectly into your emissions reduction strategy, while supporting your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. We work with carbon offset developers all around the world.

Taking all the different technologies and standards into account, we tailor a solution that best fits your needs.

carbon offset certification

Here are a few questions we will go through together, to determine which project best suits what you are looking for:. This project supports the development of renewable energy plants, to replace fossil fuel-fired power plants. This project will help to avoid an estimatedtons of CO2 production per year.

The Nyagatare Safe Water Project rehabilitates broken water wells in rural Rwanda, removing the need for the population to fetch water from open ponds and streams. This website uses cookies. Check our cookie policy for more information. How does it work? What you need to know We work with carbon offset developers all around the world.

Where are carbon offset projects located? Which technology source are the projects based on? What certification standards do these projects have? Examples of projects Solar energy in India This project supports the development of renewable energy plants, to replace fossil fuel-fired power plants.

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Safe water in Rwanda The Nyagatare Safe Water Project rehabilitates broken water wells in rural Rwanda, removing the need for the population to fetch water from open ponds and streams. We will help you set up the right plan that matches your objectives Want to know what we can do for you?

Contact us. A solution you could consider Carbon Neutrality Click to discover how it can work for you.Are carbon offsets for real? Have we fallen for a scam? I suppose that like many opportunities, some could be valid, others, not. It depends.

Some carbon-offset projects — which are supposed to compensate for the heat-trapping gases you release to the atmosphere by taking a plane trip, for example — are scams. In one notorious case, the Vatican was presented with offset certificates for millions of trees that were never planted.

Even if a project actually exists, offsets have the potential to go wrong in other ways. To truly compensate for your pollution, any offset project must be in addition to the normal course of business. For more on this problem and related complexities, see this NRDC overview.

To protect your wallet, you can buy offsets that have been authenticated by third-party certification programs, such as Verified Carbon StandardGold Standardand Green-e Climate Standard.

So far, the U. That makes it tough for most people to lighten their footprints. The next time you take a trip, you could skip the offsets and donate an equivalent amount of money to a civic leader or organization working to make cleaner transportation options available to more people.

The study also found that many offset projects overestimate the emissions reductions resulting from their work.

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My mom was asking me questions about global warming. I was having a hard time boiling it down.

carbon offset certification

Do you have suggestions to very basic articles about both I can send her? Short segments are available online, so you can pick out one or two that answer her questions. As for climate and weather, have her watch this videowhich explains the difference in a little more than a minute. All climate change videos should include dogs.

In Cold Places. Ask your mom why she believes mistakenly that Michigan winters are growing colder. My guess is that a few recent brutal cold snaps are influencing her perception. On days when Arctic air is blasting outdoor temperatures into frostbite territory, it can be hard to accept that the planet is heating up. At the time of her talk, it had recently snowed in the area — an unusual weather event in west Texas.

Hayhoe points out that during the period when it snowed in Texas, other parts of the world were unusually hot.

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